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Knowledge is power… if you use it!

Hey friend!

This is something that I feel I have to say.

I can’t make you healthier. I can’t make you feel better throughout the day. I can’t make you get rid of bad habits, or clean out your pantry, or swap out products for new ones.

Yes, I can send you information every day. I can talk about solutions to problems you may have. I can encourage you and continue to pour into the community I’ve built in the Warrior Center so you feel more empowered.

But there is so much I can’t do but you can.

They say “knowledge is power” but it’s really only powerful if you use it.

You’ve got to put the action into the knowledge. To change things. To do the hard things.

I think, for the most part, so many of us know what is healthy and what isn’t. Maybe not on some of the trickier things in the grocery store, but 99% of Americans at this point should know that eating fast food is a fast way to make us sicker. We know excess sugar is harmful, so we know we should quit buying those sugary snacks and putting them in our pantry. We must be a little suspicious that if a cleaner makes you call poison control if it is consumed that it probably shouldn’t be cleaning everything your children and pets lick.

You don’t have to do the deep dive to get started with doing better. You just have to start.