• Lauren Hardwick

    June 15, 2024 at 6:49 pm

    I am very careful with what I allow in the house. And I cook nearly every meal we eat. If I’d let him, he would eat every piece of fruit in the house throughout the day in snacks. Thankfully, he’s a great breakfast eater: eggs, Greek yogurt with blueberries, bananas is a typical breakfast for him. The weird thing is that the severity of the pickiness seems to come and go in waves. For example, last night I made a French toast casserole with sourdough bread chunks, eggs, milk, blueberries, and bits of cream cheese. Served it with sausage. He ate very well and didn’t complain about it.

    Behavior seems fine. I’ve posted before about tonsils/adenoids suspected to be a bit enlarged and that he has a stutter that comes and goes.

    We’ve fallen out of the regular habit of Ningxia…will get back into it! It’s been difficult to get mineral essence into him. Any tips for something super palatable? I’ve tried mixing it in Ningxia but he doesn’t like it.