Take your power back.

A community of freedom fighters, fact-seekers, and critical thinkers.

You want the facts and the right to choose the path that’s right for you and your family but:

  • Censorship is shutting out your voice
  • Finding like-minded people is difficult
  • Going against the grain is getting exhausting
  • You can’t get reliable information about natural health & wellness

Your Voice Matters.

The Warrior Center is a place to have great conversations about a variety of topics on our private, uncensored forum.

We’re a collective of like-minded individuals who are committed to pursuing wellness and personal growth.

We dig deeper, encourage one another, and learn together.

Find others who are walking the same road. The journey is always better when we travel together. Monthly or annual memberships available.

Not sure if the Warrior
Center is right for you?

The Warrior Initiation is our walkthough of the
Warrior Center. You’ll learn:

  • What courses you can take
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  • Direct education from Jodie

About Your Host

Jodie Meschuk is a fierce mama bear and freedom advocate. After her son was diagnosed with Autism, she took matters into her own hands. She found her voice, gained strength, and took power back for her family. She now helps empower others to choose their own path rather than being told what to do.

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  • Warrior Center Community
  • Zoom Calls
  • Natural Health
  • Parental Empowerment
  • Current Events
  • One-on-One Support from Jodie


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  • Warrior Center Community
  • Zoom Calls
  • Natural Health
  • Parental Empowerment
  • Current Events
  • One-on-One Support from Jodie

Free PDF Handouts

Autism Reimagined 1st Chapter

Get the first chapter of Jodie’s book Autism Reimagined for free.

Become a Grassroots Change-Maker

This eBook will teach you how you can get involved and let your voice be heard.

Un-Mask Our Kids

This PDF is a helpful handout to iron out the facts and myths of children wearing masks.

Informed Consent

Get Jodie’s free eBook to learn about navigating routine appointments and making your own choices.

Profile Picture Frames

Have you always wanted to share your health status publicly? Now you can! Download fun profile picture frames to signal your good deeds.

Summer Staples for the Naturally Minded

Download this free PDF for natural summer tips and tricks!

Healing At A Glance

This eBook gives you a brief outline of the natural health solutions that worked!

Free Video of the Week

Go inside The Warrior Center exclusive content with this video on “Should you get the injection?”

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