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  • Jodie Meschuk

    May 9, 2023 at 7:07 pm

    hello friend thanks for your patience! Yes the labels are much more for labeling laws and disregard them most of the time LOL

    Here is a way to look at supplementation. There is acute (injury) etc. that you will want to ramp up typically and use a lot of oil. You really cannot over do it and in an acute state the body needs as much as it can. However, no need to drink a gallon hahaha. Also often to reduce inflammation or speed healing apply often. Example for liquid stitches I would apply helichrysum every hour or so.

    Then there is maintenance for “thriving” or just being healthy and building terrain. This is general usage I would say and even then its up to the person. For example I know I feel better the more I put stress away on so I will apply often. The biggest thing is to play with the amounts. Also here is a post I did that might help too:

    Keep in mind there is NO black and white and if we get hung up on doing something perfectly then we do not do it at all and that will not get us to our health goals.
    With that being said I get lots of questions on timing of supplements. I personally take the biggest impact ones in the morning and at night and for specific purposes like:
    Sulfurzyme powder and inner beauty collagen together to flush toxins and hydrate cells
    * this would also be thyromin for night time too if you are taking that.
    I eat enzymes (essentialzymes 4 and detoxzyme thru the day) along with more multigreens for a total of 8-10 per day and drink Ningxia morning and afternoon.
    But remember not to try to reach perfection! You can mix all the oils you want and use anytime and you cannot over do it.
    And with that being said::
    🤓 A Tip about Taking Supplements 💊
    I’ve found that the impact of my supplements is greatly increased by spreading out the dosing over a larger time window, in smaller doses, in closer spaced increments.
    I know this might be contrary to what you’ve been taught or what you have practiced due to convenience. Most people want to get their supplements finished in one swoop, so they jam as many pills as they can take at one or two points during the day.
    If you follow this protocol, there are several problems and you’re not realizing the full benefits of your supplements.
    💊 First, you’re burdening your liver. Most supplements travel through the hepatic portal vein directly to the liver for “first pass” metabolic processing before they are released into your systemic circulation. Think of this passage way as a “bottleneck”. Taking a dozen pills will overburden this pathway. This pathway requires time to work.
    💊 Second, once a supplement enters your body, metabolic pathways in your body begin processing the supplement. Some of these metabolic products may be stored for future use, but some may be immediately excreted by your body within a few hours. If you take all of your supplements together at one time, there will a short- lived “spike” in concentration that your body will need to process. If the body can’t use the molecules at that moment in time, your metabolic pathways will accelerate the excretion of those molecules from your body. This means that your supplements are mostly being expelled as waste before your body can use them.
    💊 Third, the more supplements that are combined together, the greater the chance that the various components can antagonize or interfere with one another. This may lead to partial quenching or neutralization of the molecule.
    So, I space my supplements out so that they look more like a continuously metered out dose, rather than one large burst. This evens out their concentration over time, and ensures that my body can keep up with processing them. And I’ve noticed a big difference in their efficacy.
    How does it look? Well, the first thing in the morning I get all of the supplements I want to take for the day. I take an initial small sub portion of my supplements and take them with some dried wolfberries or Ningxia Red. I put the rest in my bag or purse or pocket (you can use a ziplock bag or carrier) and carry them with me throughout the day. About every 2 hours, I take another small portion. I do this every two hours. Some doses fall at meals.
    I haven’t increased my overall daily dose of supplements. I just spaced them out in small even doses. On average, I’m taking 2-4 pills per dose, sometimes more if my body needs it.
    I’ve seen people taking 12-16 different pills all in one dose. I believe taking supplements like this will waste a large majority of their potential.
    👉 If you meter them out in smaller portions, you’ll realize an greater overall impact, and you won’t be flushing money down the drain. 👈👈👈