Dr. Mom Scholarship

I am so excited to launch the Dr. Mom Scholarship! The Dr. Mom Mastermind is an amazing resource for parents to become confident in their families wellness journey. With education, tools, and community, my students finish the course feeling ready to make better health decisions for themselves and their children. 
This class is exclusive and only offered twice a year to a limited number of students. While I can’t lower the cost of the course due to the amazing value I’m already offering, I would love to be able to bless someone with the chance to join my Dr. Mom Mastermind and cover their expenses. 
To apply for this scholarship, I request that you consider the following before applying: 
  • have never participated in the Dr. Mom Mastermind before
  • unable to afford this course on your own 
  • have 2 or more children
If this describes you, I welcome you to apply!
I will choose the winner on Friday, February 23 so please get your application in by Wednesday, February 21.

Fill out your application below:



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